Xante Ilumina Glossy Toner Refill Kit 4 Pack for Xante Ilumina 200-100222 200-100223 200-100224 200-100225 Toner Cartridges & Ilumina Digital Color Press Ilumina 502 Digital Color Press Printers. Includes 4 Reset Chips!

This toner refill kit will produce the same amount of pages as an OEM cartridge would.

This Refill Kit contains:

  1. 4 high yield bottles of toner
  2. 4 reset chips
  3. Easy to follow instructions
  4. Funnel caps for easy pouring
  5. Gloves to keep your hands toner free
  6. Magnetic toner cloth for easy toner clean up

Xante Ilumina Glossy 502 Toner Refill Kit 4 Pack With Chips

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