Toner Refill Store 40 Pack Toner Refill Toner Cloths

Toner Refill Store  40 Pack Toner Refill Toner Cloths
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Toner Refill Store Toner Cloths are specially designed cloths that when pulled or stretched, activate a mineral-based oil surface of cloth to attract toner particles, dust, and contaminates. Tiny pockets are also formed when stretched to effectively 'capture' all particles. Toner Cloths can be used to clean up toner or paper dust from paper cassettes, feed areas, machine covers and panels. They also help eliminate blotched copies and prints by keeping machines clean. When you're done cleaning up, simply throw the cloth away!

  • Treated to attract toner, dust, and other contamination with no smearing
  • Strong, Soft, and Durable - Non-abrasive - Low Lint
  • Reusable until completely covered with toner
  • Convenient twist-tie polybags which enable closure of bag
  • 12" x 16 3/4"
  • 1/4 fold
  • Yellow / Orange color toner cloths

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