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Atrix Express Plus Personal Portable Vacuum
Atrix Express Toner Printer Electronics Service Vacuum. Comes with 3 filtration options! ..
$140.00 $118.49
Atrix HCTV5  Five Gallon Vacuum
Atrix HCTV5 is great for in house servicing by Copier & Printer Techs, Laser Cartridge Remanufurers, and Cleaning Contractors. IDEAL for cleaning large volumes of toner, soot, or dry chemical spills.   CONVENIENT. The HCTV5 has a convenient, freewheeling, detachable roller base. Also contains a easy to use foot switch.   5 GALLON. The HCTV5 has a large 5 - Gallon capacity filter. This cost effective solution is designed for the user working with high volumes of fine dry particle debris.   SAFE. ESD Safe - Electro Static Discharge safe.   FILTRATION OPTIONS   BAG & SHELL FILTRATION - Available with either dust or tonerbags. Inexpensive option for toner, color toner, drywall dust, dirt, or other debris.   STANDARD FILTER WITH A 0.3 MICRON RETENTION - Ideal for soot, pollen,allergens, mold, black toner and most color toner.   HEPA FILTER WITH 99.97% EFFICIENCY A..
$510.00 $489.49
Atrix Omega Plus Personal Portable Vacuum
Atrix Omega Plus is ideal for cleaning up toner spills, occasional toner cartridge cleaning, color toner, dirt, dust, sensitive manufacturing equipment, electronics, cabinets, copy machines, & computers   Quiet. The Omega Plus is an Economical, Quiet, Powerful service vacuum. The new motor uses less energy than standard service vacuums.   CONVENIENT. The Omgega Plus is easy to operate. The replacement cartridge filters install with a snap and without mess. And, an inexpensive two-stage bag/shell filter option is available.   POWERFUL. Atrix has built in a new, powerful motor making the Express Plus as powerful as most of the larger service vacuums.   SAFE. The Omega Plus comes with an ESD safe hose and ESD safe utensils. The complete system is grounded from the tip of the hose through the end of the power cord.   WARRANTY. 3 Year Limited   FILTRATION OPTIONS   ..
$245.00 $200.49
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