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Easy Heart-Shaped US Flag Day Craft for Kids

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Are heart shapes exclusive for Valentine’s Day? No. You can use it for all sorts as you wish. So don’t keep yourself locked up from stereotypes. Break free and allow your mind to run wild. Here is one sample craft for kids that departs from the norm. A heart-shape US flag Day Craft? Check! You got it.



Coloured Papers (Red and Blue)
Sticker Papers
Printed Star Template on sticker paper

Heart-Shaped US Flag Day Craft for Kids in 6 Steps

Step 1

On red coloured paper, cut and form a heart. The size will depend on your preference so no need to fuzz over it.



Step 2

Cut one sticker paper in strips. Estimate the length and width of the strips.

      Note: The strips should not overpower the heart base.



Step 3

Arrange and attach the strips on top of the heart. Cut the strip excesses accordingly.




Step 4

On blue coloured paper, cut and form a small square.



Step 5

Stick and position the blue square on the upper left part of the heart. Cut the excess from the blue square.



Step 6

Cut the printed stars and stick within the blue area. You can put in as many stars as you want as long as it does not appear too crowded or it does not cover the blue area entirely.



Display this heart-shaped US flag Day craft for kids. Hang it on walls; let it dangle on ceilings; or insert in frames.


You can choose to make and print the heart and white lines. On your preferred application, form the heart and lines. Then, print afterwards. You can even make the shape’s outline bolder especially if you plan on letting your children cut it out. Just make sure that you have enough printer ink and toner supply to complete the printing task.

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