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FREE PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Transform Your Photos into LEGO Brick Effect


LEGO has been a fad for so many years and never wavering. It has even influenced one Photoshop technique – LEGO brick effect. A technique that allows you to twist your photos and turn it into a LEGO brick mosaic virtuoso. This tutorial will teach you how to pixelate your photo, create a brick pattern and overlay it on top of your photo, and compress the bricks to make it more realistic. Continue Reading

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Neon lights effects are very pleasing to the eyes. It also enhances our sight by the luminosity of its strokes. It will create some glow-in-the-dark effect that most users love to glance on it. Hence, in this Photoshop tutorial we will show you how to create a neon lights effect.

Step1. Create new file with a white background.

Type “Neon Lights” using black color with thin font.


Step 2. Go to Layer / Flatten Image:


Step 3. Image/ Adjust/ Invert:

neon_3.2 neon_3.1

Step 4. Add some Gaussian Blur:


Step 5. Go to Filter/Stylize/Solarize:


Step 6. Go to Image/Adjust/Auto Levels:

neon_7 neon_6.2

Step 7. Add the following settings into the Hue/Saturation window:


Step 8. And here’s the result:


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Photoshop Quick Tips – How to use History Palette and Snapshots when Editing?


We sometimes make changes in Photoshop that we do not like and we want to change the way it was before. Unbeknownst, many photographers use the “Undo” or “Step Backwards” commands in Photoshop. If you are going a step back, it is good to imitate the before-mentioned approach; otherwise, you can follow the methods herewith. Try using the keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Z” and “ALT+CTRL+Z” (or on a Mac – “Command+Z” or “Command+Option+Z) for UNDO and STEP BACKWARDS respectively. Continue Reading

Photo Projects

How To Make A Collage In Photoshop With Polaroid Effect

Polaroid Effect

The term Collage has its origins from the French word coller meaning to glue or to paste. A collage is a novelty art form developed from the integration of various objects and forms that includes paper, printed media, artworks, graphics, photographs and just about any material that can be put together artistically on canvas or paper.  A collage composed of photographs is called Photomontage.

Continue Reading