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Printable Craft: How to Make Valentine’s Day Custom Awards with Canon PIXMA MP150?

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Valentine’s Day is up and coming. It is another special event to show people our big LOVE. But this day is not only for the hopeless romantics. In fact, this is the opportune time of the year to show family members and friends how much we appreciate and care for them.

In line with the celebration of Valentines, here is another fun printable craft you could work on to show your endless appreciation – the Valentine’s Day Custom Awards. Using your creativity and with a little help from your Canon PIXMA MP150, you can make everyone your Valentine.

Things you will need:
– Plain paper
– Printer

1. Open Word document on your computer. Click “page layout” and choose paper orientation, whether portrait or landscape.
2. Choose a theme. Since it is Valentine’s Day, it is apt to go for floral, hearts, chocolates and other related clipart images for your custom award. Paste one to three clipart on individual pages.
3. Set the clipart as background. Right click the clipart and select “wrap text”. Select “behind text”. Do the same with the rest.
4. Make a border. You can search online for border designs or you can create your own. Select a single image and resize it. Paste it repeatedly around your paper to create the border.
5. Text or copy to use. On the upper most part of the paper, type the title of the award. Towards the middle part of the paper, write your personal message. At the bottom part, write the date and name of the person you will give the award to.
6. Adjust font and text size depending on your preference. You can also choose to change the color. The Canon PIXMA MP150 is a color inkjet printer so you can choose to make this craft as colorful as you want.
7. Print. Click the Print button when done with the adjustments and the overall look is as expected.

You may choose to prepare different designs and awards. Simply follow the above-mentioned instructions. Here we have also prepared Valentine’s Day Custom Awards templates that you can download for free.

Award Genertic Award Green Award
Award Genertic Award Green Award
Award Portrait Genertic Award Portrait Green Award Portrait
Award Portrait Genertic Award Portrait Green Award Portrait

How to make a custom award online?

  1. Open your browser and search for “custom awards or certificates”. Browse results and choose your desired website.
  2. Choose paper orientation (portrait or landscape).
  3. Select a Valentine’s Day theme and follow the rest of the instructions for borders, clip arts and awards titles.
  4. Type in the date and name of the person you will be giving the award to.
  5. Once done, download the finished craft and print.

Show your appreciation by giving custom awards to friends, family and loved ones this Valentines Day. Using your color inkjet printer, create as many printable crafts as you like. No need to worry about running out of toner, just keep a Canon PIXMA MP150 compatible cartridge on hand. Compatible cartridges are cheaper than OEMs but produce similar quality printouts and yield.

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