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Easter egg-hunting has always been a fun activity for kids and kids at heart too. It is also a great event that allows kids to create their own colorful eggs. No time to spend painting the eggs? No problem.  Here’s another quick fix for you to try – no paint Easter eggs DIY craft. Here’s how:


Materials needed:

Eggs (as many as you like)

Sticker paper printed with “Happy Easter” greetings


Shredded wood craft

White bowl or canister


*note:  To prevent the eggs from breaking, you may opt to boil them first. Let it cool before starting the craft.




Step 1. Cut your printed “Happy Easter” greetings. Make sure that they fit the eggs.  Trim away the margins.


Step 2. Prepare the eggs. The number of eggs should equal the cut out stickers


Step 3. Peel off the adhesive cover and carefully place the sticker on the egg. Flatten the sticker to make sure it holds on the egg securely. Do the same with the rest of the eggs. Set aside.


Step 4. Create your nest, take out the white bowl or canister.


Step 5. Pour the shredded wood craft into the canister. This will serve as your nest.


Step 6. Place the eggs in the nest. Arrange as desired.

Now you’re ready to start your egg-hunting event! Don’t miss out this fun tradition. You can still have fun with these no paint Easter eggs craft. Want more printable crafts? Check out our blog for fun and easy DIY crafts. If you’re in need of printer cartridge replacements, visit Toner Refill Store.

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