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How to Make Your Own Easter Treat Bags?

How to Make Your Own Easter Treat Bags

On March 20, spring season officially begins. After St. Patrick’s Day, another holiday will be celebrated. Easter is coming and children are excited with various games and activities especially the traditional Easter egg hunt. If you are going to host a party in your house, then party favors and treat bags should not be missing. Here is another printable craft you could try at home – fun and colorful Easter treat bags.

How to Make Your Own Easter Treat Bags

Things you will need:

• Lightweight- medium weight cardstock paper
• Scissors
• 3×4-inch plastic zip-top bags
• Stapler or double-sided tape
• Treats to fill your bags!


      1. Open templates for your bag topper. Choose your desired template and download
      2. Open Photoshop software and duplicate the template.
      3. Open the coordinating papers of your preference. Click on “layer” on the menu and scroll down, then select “create clipping mask.”
      4. Open another layer and merge it on top of the previous layer.
      5. Decorate your template according to the designs and styles of your choice. Make sure that it is Easter or spring themed (carrots, bunny rabbit, Easter egg)
      6. Add your personal message or texts. However, be sure to put your embellishments and texts below the horizontal blue line. This is because your bag topper will be folded in two and the one with texts will be the front topper for your Easter treat bags.
      7. Once you are done decorating the topper, save your template as PNG and save layered PSD template. This will allow you to edit or alter the template anytime you want.
      8. Next, open blank Word Document program. Be sure that it is in “8×11” paper size.
      9. Open the saved PNG topper and drag it on the sheet. Create several copies on the sheet. You can put in about 4-6 copies of the topper on a page.
      10. Once done, load your cardstock on the tray and hit PRINT. Print as many pages as you need.
      11. Get the sheet and carefully cut out the toppers using your scissors.
      12. Get your plastic bags and fill it with your goodies. Place your topper, fold, and staple both sides. You can also use other adhesives – glue, double-ended tape.
Epson T032220 Cyan Compatible Ink Cartridge

Epson T032220 Cyan Compatible Ink Cartridge

**note: You can choose and edit another topper to have variations on your Easter treat bags.

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