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How to Make Thanksgiving Invitations

How to Make Thanksgiving Invitations

Thanksgiving Day is one of the regular holidays in the United States. It is a yearly tradition celebrated every fourth Thursday of November. As the name of the holiday implies, it is a day for giving thanks and spending time with friends and family. Feasts, parades and football games are the common ways of celebration. Pumpkin pies and roasted turkey are the most common and important food served during this day. So if you are the host of the upcoming event, make your friends and families know by sending them a Thanksgiving invitation. Make sure to send them out in advance. About one or two weeks before the set date is ideal, so other or prior commitment can be reconsidered. Personalized Thanksgiving invitations are fun and easy to make printable craft. All you need are simple supplies and creativity.

How to Make Thanksgiving Invitations

Things you will need:
Card stock (plain or colored)

  1. Open word document on your computer and write the following details below.
  2. Wording or content are very important in any invitation cards. Thus, think of fun or impressive words related to Thanksgiving. Words about feasts or hearty dinner can be a good idea.
  3. Give the specific time, date and place for the Thanksgiving. If you are inviting friends or families from distant places, might as well add some directions on how to get to your place. Drawing a small sketch or map could be useful. If you are planning a themed celebration, do not forget to include the details such as required attire or color.
  4. Now that you have all the necessary details, the next thing to do is to decorate. Simply paste clip arts, photos and other Thanksgiving related images. Be creative! Just make sure that you do not cover any wordings or details.
  5.  Adjust the size of your invitation. You can make at least 4-8 small size invitations in an 8.5”x11” size of paper. Use the tool bars to change the settings you desire. Once done. It is now time to print.
  6. Use the card stocks for your invitations. They give out a smooth finish and good color contrasts that are perfect for printing images. Put a sufficient amount on the paper tray. Key in the number of copies you want to make. Print.
  7. Using your scissors, cut the invitations evenly. Now your Thanksgiving invitations are ready!

Thanksgiving Day is a chance for everyone to get together and have fun. Thus, sending out invitations to make a formal commitment on that day can be a great idea. For printable crafts and other images, print them with the  Canon BJC-5000 is ideal to use. This color inkjet printer offers a 1440.0 dpi x 720.0 dpi resolution for high quality image results.

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