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How To Make Large Spring-Themed Window Stickers

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Spring has begun this year and it is time for families to engage in picnics, outdoor camps, fun kids crafts and other recreational activities held outside the home.

These activities aim to enhance the bond between children and parents. In addition, kids would love to play outside under the sun and this is one of way of giving them time to enjoy nature instead of just letting them stay in front of computers all day long.


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One of the ways to make children experience fun is through arts. Fun crafts for kidsare guaranteed to enrich their creative minds. Here are some easy steps on how to make spring themed window or wall image stickers using only some of the usual school crafting supplies.


  1. Printer
  2. Photo Paper or Any Paper Suitable for Image Printing
  3. Printed Images and symbols of spring (ex. Flowers, Rainbow, Squirrel or any animal, Trees, grass, etc.)
  4. Clear contact paper
  5. Green pipe cleaner
  6. Scissors or Cutter


  1. Print some images which symbolize springtime using a printer like the Epson Stylus Photo R2400. This device can produce high quality and equally attractive photos or images, which could be best used in making some fun crafts for kidssuch as these stickers for your children’s bedroom walls and windows.

For best printing results, you need top of the line consumables like the ink cartridge compatible with this printer model.

  1. Cut the images only using a pair of scissors or a cutter. Leave no blank spaces on the sides of the images.
  2. Set aside the image cut-outs.
  3.  Using the scissors, cut the contact paper to 20” by 16.”
  4. Fold it equally in two parts and this will make the paper sized: 10 by 16.
  5. Slightly peel off the protective area of the contact paper. You may peel off half of the protective area or you can peel the whole area at once.
  6. Have some pipe cleaners cut to various lengths. The longest cut-out of the pipe cleaners must be at six inches.
  7. Place some pipe cleaners into the contact paper’s sticky side. Be sure to keep a distance of about 3” to 4” from the bottom.
  8. Now, place the image cut outs into the contact paper.
  9.  You can now begin folding the contact paper and place some tissue paper on top that would make it appear like a sandwich. If air bubbles would appear during the process, do not falter because those will disappear in seconds or in a minute.
  10. Lastly, to complete this fun kids craft, trim the sides and leave only a very small space of the images from the side edges.
  11. For big stickers, you can also use a larger contact paper or any of the School crafting supplies available. You can combine various images to make your desired springtime wall stickers.

Stickers are not just meant to remind kids of the seasons but in the later years, it would serve as a tool for them to remember that they were once young and loved to make some crafts pasted on the walls and windows of their own rooms.

At a young age, expose your children to simple art activities that could contribute to the development of their creativity skills. You can also engage them in making arts using their own school crafting supplies. If they have become resourceful dealing with these projects, no doubt they would carry on the attitude up to their age of maturity.

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