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February Craft: How To Make Your Own Valentine’s Party Circles

How To Make Your Own Valentine’s Party Circles

February is the Love Month. so it is never too late to give out treats and create your own Valentine’s Party. Valentine’s Party circle is a printable craft you might want to try. It makes party favors, invites and even greeting cards more delightful and sweet.

How To Make Your Own Valentine’s Party Circles

Things you will need:

  1. Cardstock or heavyweight matte photo paper
  2. Printer
  3. Scissors/cutter/paper trimmer
  4. Puncher (optional)


Using Photoshop:

  1. Open NEW from the FILE tab. Choose blank file and adjust settings from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select US PAPER and set size to 8.5 x11. Set resolution to 300 dpi and white as your background. Click OK.
  3. Set borders to your sheet. Click VIEW tab then RULER. From here click and drag rulers half an inch on each sides (left, right, top and bottom).
  4. To make a new layer for your Valentine’s Party Circles, click on the RECTANGULAR MARQUEE tool. Adjust settings: Feather: (0) Mode (fixed size) Width: (2.25 inches) Height: (2.25 inches).
  5. Click on the crossing lines of your border to set square. Change the color and design of the square to your own liking.
  6. Next, click on new layer. Click on the MARQUEE tool and choose elliptical marquee tool.
  7. Adjust setting to: Feather: (0) Anti-Alias: (check) Mode: (fixed size) Width(2 inches) Height: (2 inches). Then, click anywhere on the sheet to set the circle.
  8. Select fore ground color for your circle. Just make sure that the tone is close to the color of your square background.
  9. To add text, select a new layer on the sheet and click on the text symbol tool. Adjust font and color according to your preference..
  10. Write your Valentine’s Party message. Adjust and resize the texts.
  11. Align the square and the circle together to create the box from the MOVE tool.
  12. Next, merge the layers together by simply pressing CTRL +E.
  13. Duplicate each box on the sheet by simple pressing CTRL +J. Simply drag the box to make the duplicates. Merge them one more time (CTRL+E).
  14. Fill the sheet with as many duplicates as you can. Just make sure to make enough space between each.
  15. Valentine’s Party Circles is complete. Click on SAVE and save it as PDF. Create a file name and click OK. Now you are ready PRINT.
  16. PRINT party circle on cardstock with the color of your preference OR on heavyweight matte photo paper.
  17. Once done, equally cut the party circles into squares or 2” circles using scissors, paper trimmer or cutter.

Valentine’s Party Circles is definitely one of the most fun February Craft you should try to do. Stick in on a lollipop, place it with a ribbon on your invites or stick it on a toothpick for your cupcake.

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