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Scrapbook Layouts : How To Incorporate With Digital Photos And Print On Scrapbook Paper?


Using free scrapbook software such as Scrapbook Flair, you will be able to create a professional looking digital scrapbook. So gather your digital images now, select your preferred scrapbook layouts and upload them with the software. Thereafter, you can print individual pages on scrapbook paper using a wide format inkjet.


In our previous post, we presented 5 scrapbook layouts composed of covers and patterns that are well suited to a particular theme. The proceeding paragraphs will orient you on how to create individual, digital scrapbook pages and provide an overview as well of the requirements for the printing of scrapbook pages.

Creating the Digital Scrapbook


What you’ll need?

  • Scrapbook layout set. Layout is saved in Serif Page Plus Project (PPP) format. (see our previous post)
  • Scrapbook Flair Program. Desktop publishing programs and graphic design software can also be used to create digital scrapbooks.
  • Digital Images


What to do?

1.      Download the zipped files of the scrapbook layouts of choice on your computer. Save the Scrapbook Flair file on your My Documents folder.  Likewise save the images in the same location but store them in a separate file folder.

2.      Download the Scrapbook Flair program and install on your computer

3.      Following installation, launch the program and the “Select a Task” prompt will appear.

Select a Task

4.      Click “Open an existing project.”

Load the Scrapbook Flair file (.ppp extension) from My Documents. This will launch the main page, including the selected scrapbook layout which would appear on the main window.

Scrapbook Flair file

5.      From the sidebar on the left under Page Options, click the buttons that would allow you to add images, embellishments, text and balloons.

screenshot 3

6.      To add image/s to the layout, simply click the Add Image button and a placeholder will appear on the main window.

screenshot 4

7.      Adjust the placeholder with your mouse pointer accordingly to finetune image size and position.

screenshot 5

8.      Click the Print Preview button from the Main Menu bar on top to preview scrapbook. Thereafter, hit the Save button.

screenshot 6

Printing the Digital Scrapbook


What you’ll need?

  • Wide format Inkjet. Wide format inkjets are often used in the printout of scrapbook pages. Typical dimensions for paper scrapbooks now range from 8 x 8 inches, 12 x 12 inches or a larger custom size media that would fit wide format printers. Currently, media with dimensions of up to 13 x 9 inches are acceptable with most wide format inkjets such as the HP Officejet 7500A and Epson WorkForce 1100.
  • 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. Since the output pages are set with colored backgrounds, graphics and digital images, the use high gloss photo paper for your scrapbook paper with weight of at least 55 lbs is recommended. Likewise check for the archival quality of selected media.

What to do?

1.      Insert the 12 x 12 scrapbook paper into the feeder of the wide format printer. Check the printer’s manual for instructions pertinent to the loading of paper into the printer.

2.      Launch the Scrapbook Flair program and select “Open an existing project” to open the saved Scrapbook Flair file.

3.      Once file is opened, click the Print button to proceed with printing. Refer to print settings from the instructional manual of the wide format inkjet.

Printing digital scrapbook pages can be taxing on your ink supply to therefore require frequent replacement of ink cartridges. If you want to save on printing costs and still get professional looking scrapbook pages, you can use compatible ink cartridges as replacement.

Toner Refill Store has in store a wide range of compatible ink cartridges compatible for use on HP and Epson inkjets.

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