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Print Memories Using Some Glossy Photo Paper

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People love to keep memories through still photo images. Even in the very crude days of photography, many have black and white photos of certain events in their lives.


But through advancement in technology, innovations came one after another like the digital photo printing. It enables any person to print still images using a printer connected to a storage device or in some cases, direct to the photo-capturing device. There are two essential materials needed to produce descent printouts of memories:  a printer and some pieces of photo paper.

What are the Kinds of Photo Papers?

Like any other material, photo papers come in varied types with different distinct features.

Porous – Also called “Instant-Dry Paper”, this works better with fast speed printers. This kind of paper fast absorbs the ink and dries at an instant yet has its own share of disadvantage, which is vulnerability to air fading.

Nonporous – This photo paper has no pores unlike the Porous type. It has some unique ability of swelling up to three times more than its original thickness while on the process of ink absorption. When the material has absorbed the ink, it goes back to its original thickness.

Finish – This kind has its own sub-categories namely: the high glossy type and the matte. Matte is better used when printing photos intended for framing. On the other hand, glossy photo paper looks well with family pictures, scrapbooks, or printouts that are to be exposed near some bright lights.

Also, these types of photo papers come in an array of sizes ranging from 3″ X 5″, 4″ X 6″, 5″ X 7″, and 8″ X 10.” The size of the material to be used would depend on whatever purpose the photo would serve.

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What is the Best Type of Photo Paper to Use?

For common use and in purposes like keeping photos as a memorabilia, glossy photo paper is best recommended. One of the main features of the material is the way it positively responds to natural colors.

Compared to other types of paper intended for digital photo printing, glossy types have an edge regarding the overall aesthetic look of the copy; it makes the image achieve a high-resolution and realistic look.

As a proof that glossy photo papers can best bring quality printouts, almost all advertising agencies and popular magazines like Time and People have used it through the years since its introduction into the market.

How to Come Up with Descent Printouts Using Glossy Paper?

In coming up with neat printouts, one must be cautious in handling the paper by not placing too many fingerprints on it. This must be observed carefully when loading paper into the digital photo printing device.

Also, remove the paper immediately when the device has finished printing a photo. Never let the output stay on the tray and be extra watchful by not letting the printed sides of the materials stick with one another. Allow the photos to dry first before putting the outputs together. Take note that the ideal time for drying is between 10 to 45 minutes.

In the end, people have preferred glossy photo paper in printing their photos because of its smooth, glistening, and shiny nature. Aside from the attractive look of the photos, the material also brings to life what has happened in the past through the realistic and vibrant colors.

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