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Photoshop Quick Tips – How to use History Palette and Snapshots when Editing?


We sometimes make changes in Photoshop that we do not like and we want to change the way it was before. Unbeknownst, many photographers use the “Undo” or “Step Backwards” commands in Photoshop. If you are going a step back, it is good to imitate the before-mentioned approach; otherwise, you can follow the methods herewith. Try using the keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Z” and “ALT+CTRL+Z” (or on a Mac – “Command+Z” or “Command+Option+Z) for UNDO and STEP BACKWARDS respectively.


Using the History Palette is a more effective approach. Go under WINDOW – and CHECK OFF HISTORY.


You can literally click on the step you want to go back to. By default, you get 20 history states. You can add more by changing your preferences before editing but the more states, the more memory. I keep mine at default. You can see your original at the top – and you can click on that to start your editing from scratch. But what if 20 is not enough, or what if you want to try a few different things with your photo, such as a color pop action and a black and white version? The Snapshots in this Photoshop tutorial come in handy.


Making Snapshots is easy. You just click on the camera icon at the bottom of the palette. This takes a “snapshot” of your photo exactly where you are in your editing process.

You can rename each snapshot or just use the default “snapshot1″ then “2″ and so on.

Here is an example of a typical time I would use a snapshot.

I am using my Quickie Collection Actions to edit a photo.
1. First, I run “Crackle” then “Under Exposure Fixer.”
2. If you want to try a few colors, hit “Color Sensation” and “Night color” to check which one looks better.
3. Make a snapshot and name it with the action name. In that way you can run one of the said actions.
4. Run the second color action and make a snapshot again. After you have the different snapshots you can go over and compare ot check which one looks best.

Have fun making snapshots. I hope you find this Photoshop tutorial as useful as I did.

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