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How To Make Vampire Fangs


Flash your vampy smiles this Halloween! Embody the infamous mythological creature that feeds from the blood of the living.Set the spooky mood of horror and macabre as you bring life to the blood sucking persona that lurks the shadows and rises from a coffin at night. We bring you a free adobe Photoshop tutorial that will allow you to create those horrifying vampire fangs in photographs.


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Become Dracula’s apprentice and scare your friends with those iconic vampire fangs. Be one of his undead legions with this fun and easy free adobe Photoshop tutorial that will vamp up your profile pictures in various social media networks this Halloween.

Fun with Printer Crafts offers you the free adobe Photoshop tutorial thatwill guide you on how to create vampire fangs in photographs in these 10 simple steps.

Step 1: Open your Adobe Photoshop application.

Step 2: Open your selected Photo.

Step 3: Duplicate your Photo or press CTRL+J.

Step 4: Use your Polygonal Lasso Tool and Select the tooth that you want to become a fang.

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Step 5: Press CTRL+SHIFT+I to inverse selection and Press Delete.

Step 6: Go to Filter>Liquify.

Step 7: Grab the Forward Warp Tool and drag your pointer at the tip of the tooth to extend it and make it sharp. Hit OK.

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Step8: Again, duplicate the background layer. Grab your Polygonal Lasso Tool and select the tooth that you want to be a fang.

Step 9: Repeat Steps 5, 6, and 7.

Step 10: Finally, merge all layers. Press CTRL+L to adjust and set the levels as shown below.

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Now you are officially the blood-sucking creature with those realistic vampire fangs in photographs. Capture this special Halloween event by printing your images and photographs using the Canon PIXMA MX340 Wireless. This Generation Green inkjet produces vibrant prints and provides the versatility and quality that suits all your printing needs.

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