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How To Make A Collage In Photoshop With Polaroid Effect

Polaroid Effect

The term Collage has its origins from the French word coller meaning to glue or to paste. A collage is a novelty art form developed from the integration of various objects and forms that includes paper, printed media, artworks, graphics, photographs and just about any material that can be put together artistically on canvas or paper.  A collage composed of photographs is called Photomontage.


So have you got picture collage ideas that you want implemented in digital format? In this Photoshop tutorial, we will illustrate how a digital picture collage with Polaroid effect is created.

1. Open Adobe Photoshop.

2. Select any digital image you want to use for this Photoshop tutorial.

3. Proceed by creating a new layer. Now you have a blank and transparent layer. Name it border thereafter
polaroid effect4. From the Tools Menu, go to Custom shapes and select Square Thin Frame.

Polaroid Effect5. Begin drawing shape.

Polaroid effect6. Copy the border layer and start distributing the boxes in your photo.

Polaroid Effect

7. Erase overlapping and excess lines.

Polaroid Effect

8. Select a border layer, right click and click blending options.

9. Check Drop Shadow. Set angle to 30 and distance to 7. Press Ok.

10. Right click the border layer and copy layer style.

11. Select all border layer, right click and paste layer style.

Polaroid EffectNow you have just created a picture collage with polaroid effect.

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