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Fun Printable Craft : DIY Personalized Photo Book


Photos are one of the best ways to capture and preserve treasured memories. Wedding pictures, a family reunion photo or a photo of your newly born child for example, are some of the important memories that are good for safe keeping in an album. This tutorial is to help you make a personalized photo book which can be used to preserve pictures. This fun printable craft is really easy to do and can be enjoyed even with the kids.

Instructional Guide for a DIY Personalized Photo Book

Step #1 – Select a theme
Choose a theme that would best suit the group of pictures you want to put in the photo book. There are common themes like wedding, nature, adventure or a children’s book that can be downloaded in the internet. Although downloading themes are an easier and a more convenient way of making a personalized photo album, personally creating one would have more impact later on.

Step #2 – Design
Personalization is the key to this step. Although basic and online image editors like Paint would be able to do just enough, the output would be a lot better if a high-end image editing software like Photoshop is used. Colors can also add liveliness and all sorts of emotion for the photo book. If you are creating one with kids, it would be better if you let them help out with the design. Do note that different designs for pages make the photo album much more attractive. For best results, create one design per page without a margin.

Step #3 – Print
Laser printers can be used for low cost printing. However, image quality will not be as colorful and as vivid as ink jets. It would be best to print the designs out with an Epson Stylus Photo 890 for borderless photo-lab-like outputs. Photo paper or high quality paper is highly recommended to get the best possible image prints out of an ink jet.

Step #4 – Bind
Binding can either be easy or complicated. There are plenty of ways to put the photo book together. The designs can be arranged as you want and then bound by sewing, stapling or simple fastening. A desk-puncher can be used to make holes for sewing or simple fastening. For hard-binding it is highly recommended for those that want their personalized albums tougher and durable.

This fun printable craft is best done with an ink jet printer like the Epson Stylus Photo 890. While photos preserve memories, photo books protect them from fading, tears and from being misplaced. Pictures and albums work as one to bring you back to those happy but distant times.

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