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FREE PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Transform Your Photos into LEGO Brick Effect


LEGO has been a fad for so many years and never wavering. It has even influenced one Photoshop technique – LEGO brick effect. A technique that allows you to twist your photos and turn it into a LEGO brick mosaic virtuoso. This tutorial will teach you how to pixelate your photo, create a brick pattern and overlay it on top of your photo, and compress the bricks to make it more realistic.

Step 1Choose an Image
Choose the image you will use. Open it in Photoshop.

Step 2Duplicate
Duplicate your layer by pressing (Ctrl +J). Rename this layer to “Bricks”. Then, Right-click on the new layer and select “Convert to Smart Object”.

Step 3Pixelate
Go to Filter > Pixelate > Mosaic. Adjust the Cell Size setting. This setting will determine the size of your bricks. Remember, the cell size setting since it will be needed for the next step.

Step 4Create a New Document
Go to File > New with the same width and height as the cell size setting you used earlier. For example, if you used the Mosaic Filter with a cell size of 64 square, then, you would create a new 64×64 pixels document.

Step 5Make a Gray-filled Document
Press “Shift+Backspace”or go to Edit > Fill to open the Fill tool. In the drop down menu, select “50% Gray” and click “OK”.

Step 6Create a Circle
In this Photoshop tutorial, simply select the “Ellipse tool (U)” and create a circle in the center.

Step 7Create a Bevel
Go to Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options. Set the fill opacity to (0 –). Then, select and checkmark the “Bevel & Emboss” layer style. Set the technique to “Chisel Hard” and adjust the size so that you get a bevel thickness like shown in the image below. You can also adjust the shading angle which is 120° by default (– I), then, changed mine to 90°.

Next, enable the “Drop Shadow” layer style. Set the Distance to 0px and adjust the size so that it looks like the image below. Click “OK” to apply the layer styles when you are done.

Now, we already have the button in the center of the brick. To add emphasis, add a subtle bevel to the outer edge of the brick. First, change the background layer or right-clicking and choosing “Layer from Background”.

Right-click on the Background layer and choose “Blending Options.” Enable the Bevel & Emboss option and set the “Technique to Chisel Hard” and size to “1-2pixels.”

Step 8Make It as a Pattern
Go to Edit > Define Pattern. Name it “Bricks.”

Step 9Create a New Adjustment Layer
Layers Panel> select “Pattern.” Then, select the “Bricks” pattern that we made earlier.

Change the blending mode of your layer to Linear Light. You will now have a brick image. This is what your photo will look like if bricks came in every color and shade.

Here is the LEGO brick effect final output. Just by looking at it, you will surely notice the LEGO brick effect on our original image. If you think your image is too strong, try to adjust it by going back to “Normal.”

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