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Free Photoshop Tutorial : How To Wrap Text Around Picture

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Another great addition to your arsenal of free Photoshop tutorial is a simple and practical technique that you ought to learn. Since inspirational sayings on posters is a popular décor in offices and classrooms, learning how to create your very own design seems to be a very fulfilling task. You can easily do this if you acquire the trick to wrap text around picture and other imported images in Photoshop.

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Putting inspirational sayings on posters is much easier when you know how towrap text around picture or other attractive images of sceneries and various objects. This technique can be conveniently done using our free Photoshop tutorialand is determined through the stacking order of the text and the image in the Layers panel.
Fun with Printer Crafts offers these easy steps to guide you on how to wrap text around picture. Follow these steps and you will be attaching thoseinspirational sayings on posterswith an image of your choice.


Step 1: Open Photoshop and pick a photo. (We suggest an isolated image or figure.)

Step 2: Go to New>File and set the size to any size you want. We used 468×258 for this tutorial.

Step 3: Make sure the background is white.

Step 4: Drag your photo on the center of the new created canvas.

Step 5: Grab your Magic Wand tool and press anywhere outside the photo.

Step 6: Press CTRL+Shift+I to inverse the selection.

Step 7: Now go to Select>Modify>Expand and set it to 10pixels.

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Step 8: Right Click>Save selection.

Step 9: Press CTRL+D to deselect the layer.

Step 10: Grab your Rectangular Marquee tool and select from left to the center of the canvas.

Step11: While selected, go to Channels. Press CTRL+Alt and Click the bottommost layer or the layer with black background.

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Step12: Right click>Make a workpathand set the Tolerance to 2.0. Go to Paths and save the workpath.

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Step 13: Grab your Text tool and start typing on the workpath.

Step 14: Repeat Step 10 to work on the other half of the canvas.

There you go, your very own customized inspirational poster done by following our simple free Photoshop tutorial! To make most out of your masterpiece, print your customized posters using the reliable HP Deskjet F4140. This inkjet will deliver brilliant and vivid prints that will make your posters even more striking to deliver its inspirational message effectively.

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