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5 Tips For Successful Photo Printing On Watercolor Paper

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It was believed that only portrait and landscape artists can do justice to images made on art paper. However, with the recent technical developments, a number of printing methods are also able to produce pleasing results. Since the computer has delved into digital printing, paper has likewise transformed so printing on watercolor paper or art paper can be performed. Printing of high quality photographs has become a reality through the availability of technology with the use of a home digital printer and photo ink cartridge.


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Here are few tips for amateurs in the field of photography to achieve relative success in printing on watercolor paper.

Be aware of the capability of the printer.

This is relevant information because not all printers are alike. There are printers designed to print only on ordinary paper and some on thick paper and feeding the printer with the wrong paperweight may cause print irregularities. Papers used for inkjet printers are available in GSM (grams per square meter) and 250gsm is usually used in this type of printer.

Check paper texture and coating.

These characteristics affect the final quality of the photographs printed, so buy a number of sample packs, and test each one as much as possible to determine the most appropriate kind for this application. There are several types of textured and colored paper and each deliver varying degrees of image quality. For instance, coated art paper (watercolor paper) provides better print absorption, while photos made on highly textured paper may look lumpy, dull, and uninteresting.

Study the test print objectively.

Quality printing on watercolor paper is dependent not only on the photo ink cartridge but on the printer as well. This is because the printer may come in factory default setting that needs refinements to achieve the best configuration for the photographs taken.

Pick the paper with archival quality.

All types of paper come with coatings on them and each type carries distinct characteristics. Some coatings may render the photographs to lose color intensity or fade over time. However, there are possible remedies for that like shield print sprays coated on the paper before printing starts.

Prevent images from flaking.

Some paper surfaces have coatings that do not go well with the use of photo ink cartridge. The best solution for this is to brush the surface and rid it of the questionable film coating before printing.

Remember that in order to achieve quality when printing on watercolor paper, one must follow these few tips and use a reliable photo ink cartridge in the printing process.

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