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4 Tips That Will Make Printed Images Standout!

HP Photosmart Premium

Given the advances in modern technology, photo projects are now becoming popular to many camera users. Holiday gift craft in the form of photographs is a unique way of making occasions memorable. Photos can be personalized and customized according to the occasion. Furthermore, photo projects as gift ideas get more appreciated than the usual merchandise. This article provides a rundown of tips relevant to printing photo projects.

tiff vs. jpg


Capitalize on the Image. It is known that the higher the resolution, the better the image. Check your camera’s setting. As much as possible, adjust the setting to the highest resolution. For the file format, it is best to save photos in Tagged Image File Format (TIFF). Compared to Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), TIFF sustains image quality even after saving the photo a number of times. The format offers “lossless” data compression as no changes in quality can be observed following image compression. Anomalies in image details ensue each time a JPEG formatted image is opened and saved. On the other hand, Portable Network Graphics (PNG) supports three main image types: true color, grayscale and palette-based (“8-bit”). JPEG only supports the first two. It is also an option to save master copies of your photos in PNG format.

HP Photosmart Premium

Invest on your Inkjet Printer. Use a quality printer to produce remarkable photo projects. HP Photosmart Premium is an all in one inkjet printer and given its versatility of functions, users can directly print photos via Bluetooth, memory cards, PictBridge cameras and USB mass storage device. The unit also offers wireless connection which allows users to print directly from an iPhone or online via

Pick the Right Paper. For crisp and vibrant photo projects, use media designed for photos. You need a large size photo paper to showcase a more professional look for printed photographic images. HP Photosmart Premium can feed 90 x 130 to 130 x 180 mm size photo paper.

Use of Ink. Inkjet printers are ideal for producing top quality photos. Inkjets use liquid ink that’s best suited for printing photographs. Glossy photo papers or media typically used for photo projects are not suitable for laser printers. Melted toner powder will not show up as polished on glossy papers as ink would. Before distributing your printed photo, allow ink to dry for at least 12 hours. This will prevent ink from smudging on the photo paper.

Photo projects are worthwhile gift ideas that will truly be appreciated and treasured. There can be no better gift than presents personally crafted just for you! To keep your budget on track, use compatible ink cartridge for the HP Photosmart Premium.

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