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Flags Of The World : Worksheet Templates For Easy Learning

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Flags in general are a symbol of every nation.  Every flag carries its own set of distinct characteristics and design. The insignia and colors that adorn it also bear significance and importance to the country’s history. National flags with unique and colorful designs, as well as rich historical backgrounds are more popular worldwide and also happen to be the point of interest for kids fascinated with the study of the flags of the world. Let us take a look at the unique and more popular national flags. Thereafter, test your recall of world flags with the Flag Day Comprehension Worksheet featured in this post.


Oldest National Flag

The flag of Denmark dates back to 13th century.

Square Flag

The national flag of Switzerland bears a white Greek cross at the center and is distinctively square in shape.

Flag with Different Emblems

The Flag of Paraguay bears a different emblem on the obverse and reverse side.

Most Simple Flag in the World

The flag of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya or the Libyan National flag uses only one color – that is green, with no other insignia and detail.

Uniquely Shaped Flag

Among the flags of the world, the flag of Nepal is the most unique since it is the only flag that is not rectangular in shape. The Nepalese flag is fashioned from 2 overlapping triangles.

Countries with Popular National Flags

1.      United States

2.      Japan

3.      France

4.      China

5.      Germany

Can you identify these popular flags at a glance? Test your knowledge and recall of the flags of the world by printing the Flag Day comprehension worksheet. The worksheet is intended for third grade level kids but also works for adults.



Recommended Paper: 21lb Universal Bond Paper, 11×17 inches in size

Recommended Printer: Dell All-In-One PrinterA920

The 3 in 1 printer is extremely easy to use and is reliable for basic print jobs. Expect remarkable looking prints for the featured Flag Day comprehension worksheet when printed on this unit.

Printing Procedures

1. Save the flag worksheet template on your PC.

2. Load the paper against the right side of the paper support of your Dell Printer with the print side facing you.

3. Squeeze and slide the paper guide to the left edge of the paper.

4. Print the Flag Day comprehension worksheet.

5. Set aside to dry and let your child identify the flags of the world from worksheet.

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