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Alphabet on Popsicles – How to Teach Your Kids the Alphabet?

Alphabet on Popsicles – How to Teach Your Kids the Alphabet

Teaching the alphabet is a daunting task for parents. What can you do? How do you go with it? There may be various techniques to choose from but finding the fitting one for your kids may take several tries.

finished product 1

I learned my ABCs two ways – thru songs and schooling. Alphabet songs from educational programs for kids helped me gain knowledge of and commit to memory the ABCs. Constant watching and listening to the lyrics and melody was the key to familiarization and memorization. There are two Alphabet songs that I remember singing back then: (1) A, You’re Adorable, otherwise known as The Alphabet Love Song and (2) The A.B.C., first copyright 1835 by the Boston-based music publisher Charles Bradlee.





W, X

Y and Z.

Now, I know my ABCs.

Next time, won’t you sing with me?

Schooling likewise helped me learn the alphabet. At home, my mother tutored me equipped with visual aids. Her techniques were very effective then. For this reason, I’m sharing one of her simple visual aids. Hope this printable craft will help you in teaching the alphabet.

How to Make Alphabet on Popsicles?

Construction Board (assorted colors)
Popsicle Sticks (assorted colors)
Multi-purpose glue
Crafting Scissors
Printed Alphabet

It would be better to use a monochrome printer for printing the Alphabets so the mono color would be vibrant. Do make sure that your printer toner or ink cartridge is loaded to avoid disruptions though.

Alphabet on Popsicles Instructions:


Cut the printed alphabet using crafting scissors. Lay out the cutout on a flat surface and make sure that the letters are complete. 


Step 1.1

Step 1.2


Set the assorted colored construction boards.

Step 2


Paste the letter cutouts onto the boards. Then, cut the letters pasted on the construction boards. The boards will keep the cutout sturdier and highlight the letters as well. So make sure that you estimate a considerable distance before making the cut.

Step 3

Step 3.1


 Attach the alphabet on Popsicle sticks. Leave it to dry.

Step 4



Now, you can help your kids learn and memorize the alphabet by heart. Happy teaching!


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