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Patriot Day Crepe Paper Crafts Step by Step

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Patriot Day in the United States is observed on September 11 of each year in remembrance to the 2,977 casualties of the 2001 September 11 attack. While the government and other institutions setup memorials, families can do their personal homage. Parents can come up with activities for the kids that will teach them the significance of the day, an easy craft project perhaps? Here is one step by step project – Patriot Day Crepe Paper Crafts.



Red Crepe paper
White Crepe paper
Blue Corrugated Craft Board
Star Template

US Patriot’s Day Crepe Paper Crafts in 5 Steps

Step 1
Cut the Stars following the outline.
Leave a small gap from the printed line as shown below.



Step 2
Place one Star on top of the blue Corrugated Craft Board.
With the Star as guide, cut a considerable extent of the craft board – enough to hold 3 aligned Stars.



Step 3
On the smooth part of the cut blue Corrugated Craft Board, align and glue 3 Stars.
Set aside to dry.




Step 4
Get the White and Red Crepe paper.
Cut 4 strips for each Crepe paper color.
Estimate the strip sizes to make it seem identical.



Step 5
On the corrugated part of the cut blue Craft Board, attach the White and Red Crepe paper strips alternately.
Glue one end of the strips on the Craft Board.
Leave to dry afterwards.


How to Hang US Patriot’s Day Crepe Paper Crafts? There are many ways to hang this craft. The most common are listed below:

  • Add a string or cord on top of the craft. Punch a hole on both top ends and loop a string or cord.
  • Use push pins to fasten on walls, cork boards, and shelves.
  • Attach a stick at the back of the craft. Position and secure a stick at the rear side of the craft with glue or stronger adhesive.

Note: Print the Stars template on any available laser printer equipped with cartridges carrying sufficient toner level. If the toner cartridges are out of toner, buy a printer toner refill kit and replenish on your own.

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