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Independence Day Paper Cone Wreath with a Twist

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The wreath is a popular décor that is widely recognized as a Christmas Holiday adornment. But for years now, people started to put up wreaths on various occasions or festivities including Easter, Spring season, Halloween, and Independence Day. While older people get to enjoy the grandeur that a wreath brings inside homes, kids do not share the same sentiment. They are curious little folks that would rather hold and play with adornments. It is for this reason that this DIY Paper Cone Wreath with a TWIST will fit homes with kids.


Materials You Will Need:

  • Used folder
  • Art Papers (Red, Blue, and White)
  • Star Template
  • Sticker paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Adhesive tape
  • Plastic Stick


5-Step Paper Cone Wreath with a Twist

Step 1.
Make the Paper Cone Wreath Base.
Trace a circle on used folder. Cut afterwards.



Step 2.
Prepare the Paper Cone Wreath Cones.
Fold and cut art paper in 4 parts.



Bring one side of art paper towards the opposite side as shown below. Then secure with adhesive tape. Repeat step for the remaining art papers.




Step 3.
Assemble the Paper Cone Wreath.
Stick the paper cones on the base. Alternate the colors to make it more festive.




Step 4.
Attach the Paper Cone Wreath Star.
Download and print the Start template on sticker paper. Cut the star leaving a considerable gap from the outline.



Then stick the star on the centermost part of the paper cone wreath.


And now for the TWIST!!!

Step 5.
Add the Paper Cone Wreath Plastic Stick.
Fix the plastic stick on the rear part of the wreath. Use adhesive tape to secure.


Let your kids play with this Paper Cone Wreath on a stick this Independence Day weekend.

Tip: You can create your own Star design or decide to use another shape. And if you want a more vibrant star, check your printer if it is equipped with sufficient ink or toner levels. If not, opt for a refill – ink refill kit for ink cartridges and toner refill kit for toner cartridges.

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