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Easy 3-Step DIY Christmas Popsicle Stick Markers


Yuletide season is the best season to do DIY arts and crafts. A huge variety of unique Christmas decors and ornaments can be seen practically everywhere. Creative ideas are endless from Christmas tree decors to Christmas lights. Of course, we have come up with yet another fun and easy craft for you this holiday season. DIY Christmas popsicle sticks markers is an easy craft that challenges you to be more creative. Here’s how:



Popsicle sticks
Printed Santa Claus image

DIY Christmas Popsicle Stick Markers Instructions

Step 1
Print the Santa Claus images. Using your scissors carefully cut out the images leaving a small gap. Make sure that all cutout images are equal in sizes.



Step 2
Apply glue on one portion of the Popsicle stick.


Step 3
Gently set the cutout on the Popsicle stick. Set aside to dry.




You’re done!

You can add small details to make this DIY Christmas Popsicle Stick Marker more personal. Be creative as you can. You can use different Christmas images and icons. Also, you can paint the Popsicle sticks and sprinkle metallic dusts to give more flair. When you’re done with this do-it-yourself craft, use it as label markers or Christmas tree ornaments.

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