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7-Step Valentine’s Day DIY Love Bracelet


It’s the Love Month once again! And the romantic vibe is teeming everywhere – in shops, restaurants, bookstores, television, movies, and social media posts. While it is tempting to buy gifts, nothing beats a do-it-yourself token of love. Here is a crafty accessory that you can create with your kids today and hand out to family, friends, and lovers tomorrow – the DIY Love Bracelet.


Materials needed:

Construction papers
(pink and red shades printed with heart clip arts)
Elastic nylon
Hole puncher

DIY Love Bracelet Instructions

Step 1
Cut the printed hearts following the outline.
Trim away the margins. And make sure the cutout hearts are equal in number.



Step 2
Using the hole puncher, make a hole on the centermost part of each heart.



Step 3
Get a blank pink construction paper and cut square shapes equally.



Step 4
Roll one square paper until it becomes a stick and glue the edge to secure.
Do the same with the rest of papers. And Leave them to dry.




Step 5
Get the elastic nylon and measure your wrist.
This is to make the love bracelet fit later on.

Step 6
Next, insert the nylon in the paper heart’s hole and follow it up with a paper stick.
Do the process repeatedly until you can create a string of hearts and sticks.


Step 7
Using the measurement of your wrist, try on the love bracelet.
Adjust if necessary before cutting and knotting the nylon thread.


Create as many love bracelets as you want and then share it with family, friends, and lovers. Have fun celebrating this Valentine’s Day with this easy printable craft.

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