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5-Step DIY Halloween Paper Clip – Jack o Lantern Design


It’s Halloween season once again! While trick or treat is the main event for kids, it is not entirely the only thing that invades their minds and influence their activities during this time. Pay attention. Most likely, kids are busy doing stuff related with popular Halloween characters – ghost, witch, vampire, and jack o lantern to name a few. Take advantage over this opportunity to make a craft that kids will enjoy. Double the fun by turning simple school and office supplies into Halloween crafts. Clip papers and pictures with your kids’ favorite characters. Try clipping with a flair using a DIY Halloween paper clip. materials


Construction Paper (Neon)
Halloween Jack o Lantern template printed on sticker paper
Paper clips

5-Step DIY Halloween Paper Clip Instructions

Step 1
Carefully cut the printed Halloween Jack o Lanterns. Leave a sizeable gap from the outline to have room for trimmings. Then, pair the cutouts and trim until equal in sizes.


For easy identification, the 2 parts of the Halloween Jack o Lantern pair will be assigned as follows:
Halloween Jack o Lantern A – 1st part
Halloween Jack o Lantern B – 2nd part

Step 2
Place Halloween Jack o Lantern A on top of the neon construction paper. Peel the paper backing and secure in place.


Step 3
Cut the affixed Halloween Jack o Lantern A together with the neon construction paper. See image below.



Step 4
Get Halloween Jack o Lantern B. Apply glue on its rear side and fix the tip of 1 paper clip. See images below.



Step 5
Finish the craft. Place Halloween Jack o Lantern A over the rear side of Halloween Jack o Lantern B. Press all sides to spread the glue and keep both parts in place. Set Aside to dry.


Halloween is a perfect season for kids to have fun with arts and crafts. All it takes is ones creativity and some school and office supplies to create something new. Share this DIY craft to your friends and kids. Happy Halloween!


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