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Summer Crafts for Kids – Butterfly Pencil Topper


Summer is a perfect time to put together craft projects for kids. Nowadays, it is quite easy to make this activity happen. You can search the internet for ideas and turn these ideas into a fun bonding pastime with your kids. Finding the correct crafting project may be tough but you can simplify by taking things into consideration. What are your kids’ interests? How old are they? What is the current season? Butterfly crafts are popular during the summer because of its significance to the season. Thus, this would be a good starting point when looking for and choosing for summer crafts for kids. Here is one simple project:

Do-It-Yourself Butterfly Pencil Topper




  • Neon Colored Construction Papers
  • Printed Butterfly Template
  • Glue
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glitters
  • Googly Eyes or Moving eyes to accessorize your butterfly


Butterfly Pencil Topper Instructions:

Step 1. 

Prepare Butterfly Template. Draw a butterfly shape on your computer using Photoshop or any similar software. The shape and size will depend on your choice. Print afterwards.

Note: If your printer allows printing on heavyweight paper, then you can directly print the shape on construction paper. Otherwise, print on ordinary printer paper. Use printout as guide to outline the shape on construction paper.

Step 1

Step 2.

Cut the Butterfly from construction paper. 

Step 2

Step 3.

Fit cutout Butterfly on pencil. Fold the craft lengthwise and make 2 openings enough to fit the pencil. Insert the pencil.

image4 image5 image6 image7 image8

Step 4.

Accessorize the Butterfly. Remove the cutout butterfly from pencil. Lay it out and add glitters. You can draw small shapes that you can use as guide to position the glitters. Set aside to dry. Attach Googly eyes on pencil and leave it to dry.

image9 image10 image11

Step 5.

Set up the Butterfly Pencil Topper.


Tip: For Crafts for Kids that require a printer, ensure that a ink or toner cartridge replacement is available at times. Doing so will avoid the likelihood of project delays.


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