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Origami Paper Crafts – How to Create an Easy Origami Crane?


While origami is native to the Japanese, the reach of this paper craft has gone globally, even to us Americans who find the sequences of folding paper almost intoxicating. Of particular importance is how to follow the easy origami crane paper folding process; a treasured tradition that is almost considered holy in Japan. A special type of paper is used for this craft; one side is colored and the flip side being plain. However, in the absence of one, the Canon 104 toner refill kit loaded into the cartridge can be relied to print and transform a typical paper into one fit for the origami craft.

How relevant is the origami paper crane to the Japanese culture? It is the belief that one can make a wish come true if it is made on the thousandth paper crane. One has to fold a thousand paper cranes in order to make the wish. It is due to this holy regard that tutorials are made so each one can follow easy origami crane folding sequences. Of course, in this day where the Internet plays supreme, it is the primary source of systematic instructions to complete the entire paper folding process. And to get a hard copy of the instruction, one needs a cartridge loaded with a Canon 104 toner refill kit with a 2,000 page coverage.

How to make an origami paper crane? Folding paper to make a three dimensional figure of a crane is a lengthy process that needs attention to often simple but overwhelming detail. The following are the steps to create an origami crane craft successfully.


  • As in all origami crafts, paper is essentially the most important material. And for an object that resembles a crane, square paper is needed.
  • Pick the most thorough instruction material in the website. If possible, it must not only contain detailed description of the process but also accompanied by legible illustration, so you will be able to follow one easy origami crane folding process.
  • As the process is lengthy, it is necessary to have a hard copy of the instruction. Load your printer cartridge with a Canon 104 toner refill kit. This is an assurance that the printer can go through the reproduction process.
  • Before starting work on the origami craft, read and understand the instruction. Ensure that it must be placed within easy reach, as reference should it be needed as one goes through the folding process.

Always be reminded that going through the intricate process paper folding can be best accomplished if one can liberally follow the easy origami crane instructions.

Canon 104 FX-9 High Yield Black Toner Refill Kit

Canon 104 FX-9 High Yield Black Toner Refill Kit

Next time you need to do origami crafts, the process will be easier if the printed instructions are clear, as delivered by a cartridge loaded with Canon 104 toner refill kit.

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