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How to Make Fourth of July Independence Day Paper Fans?


The Fourth of July is a notable day for us Americans. On that day, we commemorate the United States Declaration of Independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776. Patriotic displays are spread out during this day. It is customary to decorate houses with flags and buntings and streamers in red, white, and blue – the colors representing the American flag. Our kids too can also come prepared for this holiday. They can dress up, carry patriotic symbols or work on 4th of July crafts. One popular Independence Day craft for kids is the paper fan. This patriotic craft is very easy to prepare and deemed useful throughout the day



4th of July Paper Fan Materials:

Construction Board (Black, Red, White, and Blue)
Sticker Paper
Glitters (Red and Blue)
Hole Puncher
Paper fastener


4th of July Paper Fan Instructions:

A. Create the Paper Fan base.

  1. Draw the fan pattern on the white construction board and then cut it along the outline afterwards. Repeat the same process for the red and blue construction board.
  2. Lay out the black construction board. Position and paste the red, white, and blue outline over the board. Make sure that there are enough spaces in between. Set it aside to dry.
  3. Cut the black construction board along the pasted outline. Cut a few inches from the outline to create a black border. See images below.


image2 image3 image4
image5 image6


B. Prepare the Paper Fan design.

  1. Make your own Fourth of July design using Photoshop.
  2. Ready your printer. Check ink or toner cartridge levels and evaluate whether these can complete the printing task. If yes, proceed to #3. If not, change cartridges with new ink or toner cartridge replacements.
  3. Print the design on sticker paper and then set it aside to dry.
  4. Cut the 4th of July design printed on sticker paper once dried.
  5. Stick it on the white construction paper.
image14 image15
image16 image17

C. Prepare the embellishments.

  1. Draw 2 sets of stars pattern on another white construction paper – 1 big star and 3 smaller ones per set.
  2. Cut the stars. Position and paste the same on the red and blue Paper Fan base.
  3. Apply glue on each of the star surface. And then add glitters – blue glitters for the red Paper Fan base and red glitters for the blue Paper Fan base.
  4. Leave it to dry.
image18 image19
image20 image21
image22 image23
image24 image25

D. Fasten all 3 Paper Fan bases.

  1. Punch a hole on each of the bases.
  2. Arrange the bases forming a fan.
  3. Put the bases together using a paper fastener.
image27 image28
image29 image30

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

image31 image32

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