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How to Make an Apple Picture Frame in 7 Easy Steps?

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

This is one of the most popular idioms of all time. Some people believe it while others simply take it with a grain of salt. Fact or not, this saying considers the apple as the healthiest fruit available. But is it really the healthiest? I don’t think so. However, it could probably be a frontrunner in being the most popular fruit worldwide. Its popularity goes beyond countries that do not produce this fruit. And even people who have not taken a bite can easily recognize it from the rest.

Kids most especially have a soft spot for apples. This is the reason why we see apple-themed crafts, projects, and designs in schools. So if you want to make an easy diy crafts project that will be of interest to you and your kids, be sure to add apples in it. One craft project for kids you can work on is an apple picture frame.


Tools and Materials:


Water color & brush




Photo paper



Step 1: Draw an apple outline on a cardboard. Also, draw a stem and leaf separately.


Step 2: Cut out the apple, stem, and leaf outlines.


Step 3: Lay out the apple cutout on a flat surface. Paint the entire surface with red watercolor.

Step3.1 Step3.2 Step3.3 Step3.4

Step 4: Attach the stem and leaf. Then paint with black and green respectively. Leave the craft project for kids to dry.

Step4.1 Step4.2 Step4.3

Step 5: Choose a picture (from your photo gallery) to pin on your picture frame project. Then, print on photo paper. Ensure that you have enough ink or toner to complete the printing. If you are using a laser printer and it turns out that its cartridge is low on toner, you can administer a refill using toner refill kits.


Step 6: Cut the picture as desired. Just make sure that it fits within the apple picture frame dimension.


Step 7: Glue the picture on the surface of the apple picture frame.

step7 step8

To complete this easy diy crafts project, you can add ribbons, glitters, and/or stickers on the apple surface. Also, you can wrap the finished apple picture frame project in plastic cover or other similar materials. This will ensure that the project is kept intact for an extensive period.


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