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How to Cut and Fold 3D Paper Snowflakes in 10 Easy Steps?

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The winter season limits us from spending outside activities with our children. Thus, most of us turn to fun and exciting indoor activities that will allow all family members to bond despite the chilly weather. The more popular indoor activities we do during this season include cooking, playing board games, watching movies and television series, and making easy winter crafts for kids. Here is one construction paper crafts that you can make with your kids today – 3D Paper Snowflakes.



Construction paper
Clear tape
Sticker paper
Printable design, logo, and/or phrase*

*This is personalized. Something that you would like to add on your 3D paper snowflake. Print your desired accessory on sticker paper. And set aside to dry.

3D Paper Snowflakes Instructions

Step 1: Lay out the construction papers on a flat surface. One 3D paper snowflakes will require 5 construction papers. You can either choose to use one color for the entire paper craft or mix and match colors for a more vibrant piece.


Step 2: Get 1 construction paper and start with a square piece. Fold the construction paper in half diagonally to form a triangle. Then, cut off the edge afterwards.



Step 3: Lay out the triangle on a flat surface and fold again in half.




Step 4: Make parallel cuts. Ensure that the open edges of the triangle are along the bottom part. Then, starting from the folded side, make 7 parallel cuts stopping a little bit before reaching the opposite edge.


Step 5: Unfold the construction paper. You should now have a series of V-shaped cuts on both sides.



Step 6: Fix together the smallest V-shaped cuts opposite each other and secure with clear tape. Then, flip the construction paper over, and repeat the process this time with the second smallest V-shaped cuts. Continue the flip and tape process until all V-shaped cuts are paired up.


Step 7: Repeat STEPS 2 to 6 for the remaining 4 construction papers.


Step 8: Bring together all 5 pieces prepared and formed construction paper. Use a stapler to secure the outermost points and center points as well.


Step 9: Stick your chosen printable logo, design and/or phrase on the middle portion of the 3D paper snowflakes.


Step 10: Attach a ribbon and hang this winter crafts for kids.


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