Fun Summer Crafts for Kids – How to Make Hanging CD Fish?

Summer is the best time for water-related activities with the kids. You can go outdoors for a summer beach outing. Take your kids to underwater theme parks. Or enroll your kids to swimming classes offered nearby. However, if you are living on a tight budget you can come up with inexpensive summer activities that you can simply enjoy in the comforts of your home. For instance, you can setup an inflatable kiddie pool or play around the yard with a water hose. But if you prefer not to get wet and soaked, you can go for fun summer crafts for kids. There are numerous summer craft ideas that you can make with your kids. Search the internet for specific projects, prepare the materials, and create the crafts with your kids. The hanging CD fish made out of old CD is one summer crafts for kids that is easy to do and is still not far off from being a water-related activity. 😉 Materials: Old or Used CD Fish Fins, Tail and Mouth template printed or drawn on a construction board Construction Board (colors as desired) Googly Eyes Permanent marker Scissors Transparent adhesive tape Glue or Paste Thread How to Make … Continue reading Fun Summer Crafts for Kids – How to Make Hanging CD Fish?