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Fun Printable Craft – How to Make A Magnetic Unicorn?

Magnetic Unicorn

There are tons of things you can do in your spare time. One good way to spend it is by having fun with kids. But instead of just playing around, you can do a fun printable craft and make things more interesting and at the same time educational. In addition to that, it would be very easy to make something like a magnetic unicorn without having to spend so much. It can be done at home with a computer and a reliable ink jet printer like the Canon BJC-250.

Things Needed:
Magnetic Paper (medium)
Scissors (cutting tool)


Step # 1 – Design
This step consists of drawing the design and coloring the magnetic unicorn design. To make things easier, you can download a template in the internet but that would make this fun printable craft less enjoyable. In order to get the most out of this guide, it is highly recommended to create the design with you and your child’s creative thinking. Start by imagining how you and the kids want the unicorn to look like. You can draw a body of a horse for starters and add details and colors as you and your kids so desire. After creating the whole design, take apart all the parts you want moving for example the legs like the template below.

template here <find a template>

Step # 2 – Print
The magnetic unicorn design can be printed using a laser printer. But if you want more glossy and realistic colors, a laser-class printer may not work for you. In order to get lively color prints, the use of an ink jet printer like Canon BJC-250 is highly recommended. Do note that ink printing costs can be reduced with the use of compatible ink cartridges as well as ink refills.

Step # 3 – Cut the printed unicorn parts
Use the scissors to cut out the magnetic unicorn parts. Always take safety precautions before letting kids cut out their printed unicorn designs. It would be best to guide them throughout this step to avoid cuts and other possible physical injuries. Once everything is cut out, test it out on metallic surfaces and enjoy it with kids.

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Spending time with kids can both be fun and educational by doing a fun printable craft. Remember, bonding with the children does not necessarily have to be expensive. Use your spare time to create happy memories with the use of a reliable ink jet printer like the Canon BJC-250 and compatible ink cartridges.

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