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Easy Printable Crafts for Kids – 6-Step Owl Mask

Easy Printable Crafts for Kids

Kids love to wear masks – may it be for a themed-party, costume play, or school production, kids will never dawdle. Playing pretend is one reason why kids willingly put on masks. It gives them a sense of freedom to fantasize and live somebody else’s life. While kids do not necessarily muse over their reasons, they are very particular with the masks that they will wear. So parents cannot simply hand out one in the hopes that their kid will take it enthusiastically.

This day and age, it is easy to come up with masks for your kids. Simply search online for the mask character your kids want, find free printable crafts, print, and setup. Here is one free Printable Crafts for Kids I found online – Owl Mask.

Owl Mask in 6 Easy Steps


Photo paper (glossy)
Printable colored owl template from
Garter thread
Hole puncher
Inkjet printer equipped with a quarter to full quality ink cartridge tanks

Easy Printable Crafts for Kids – 6-Step Owl Mask Instructions

Step 1
Download colored owl template.

Step 2
Open the colored owl template file. Then print. Let it dry for a while.

Step 3
Once dry, carefully cut the colored owl template. Leave an inch square on the left and right sides of the owl. 

Step 1

Step 1-1

Step 4
Punch a hole on each one-inch square.

Step 2

Step 5
Carefully cut the eye area.

Step 2-2

Step 6
Fasten a significant length of garter thread on each hole.

Step 3

Step 3-1

The Owl Mask is ready to wear. You can also choose to punch a hole designated on the colored owl template.

Finished Product 1

This is a very easy Printable Crafts for Kids. But one which requires a generous amount of printer ink considering the craft size and colors. It is best to check the ink levels of cartridges before pressing the PRINT button to ensure that the print job will be successful. Moreover, use inkjet photo paper compatible with your printer to achieve the best quality of prints.

Finished Product 2

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