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Easy 3-Step Sun Craft: Spring Sun Hanging Décor


It’s spring season and everyone is ready to enjoy the warm sun. After the cold of winter, basking in the sun is a great way to enjoy the holidays. Of course, you can also brighten up your own space with yet another easy sun craft with your kids. Create your own cheerful sun to decorate your room. Here’s what you need to do:


Materials needed:

White vellum board with printed HD sun image

Nylon string


Adhesive tape

3-Step Spring Sun Hanging Decor Instructions



      1.  Carefully cut out the sun image with scissors. Trim a half-inch margin.  (shown in the picture)



      2.  Cut a length of nylon string (about 1 ft.). Attach the string at the back of your sun craft  and secure with adhesive.


      3.  Tie the ends of the string.

Now you have your own sun burst to decorate your space. This easy sun craft can be a great décor for any spring events you have. Not mention, a good activity to do with your kids.

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