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DIY Father’s Day Gift Bag


Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world each year. On that special day, we take the time to celebrate fatherhood, cherish that special bond and more importantly, honor our old man. Now is our chance to let them feel how important they are to us and how thankful we are to have them. And so for Father’s Day month, I’ve come up with a do-it-yourself GIFT BAG you can wrap your present with.  This is a simple but interesting project that you and your kids can work on together.

Find the illustrated instructions for this DIY gift bag after the break.

Materials needed:


  • Construction paper (assorted colors)
  • Sticker paper
  • Glue
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissor
  • Necktie pattern (this needs to be printed on an inkjet or laser printer)
  • Pen

The DIY gift bag is created in 3 parts: (1) Preparing the Bag, (2) Preparing and attaching the necktie, and (3) Preparing other templates and its attachment.

Preparing the Bag

Step 1: Lay out the construction paper. Based on your color of preference, pick one that you want to use for your bag.
For this tutorial, I’ll use the green construction paper. Set aside the rest of the paper for the other templates you will need to prepare.

Step 2: Fold and find the center of your paper.


Step 3: Fold the first half into two equal parts.

Step 4: Do the same for the adjacent side.

Table Cell Table Cell

Step 5: Put together the folded sections using scotch tape. You can also use glue. But I prefer using scotch tape.
Step 6: Fold one side of the paper along its width.


Use three fingers as your measuring guide. This will serve as the base of the DIY gift bag

Step 7: Fold the base inwards. Be sure to create a perfect triangular shape.

Step6-2 Step6-3 Step6-4 Step6-4
Step6-5 Step6-6

Step 8: Flatten the sides of the bag.

Step7 Step7-1 Step7-2 Step7-3

You can now put the present inside your DIY gift bag.


Necktie: Preparing the Pattern and Attachment

Step 1: Retrieve the necktie pattern from the turned out from an inkjet or laser printer and then trim it into shape. I created the necktie in photoshop.


Step 2: Get another construction paper. Make sure the color would stand out against the color used for the bag. Use the pattern to trace a necktie into the construction paper.


Step 3: Cut out the traced image on the construction paper.




Step 4: Glue the necktie on the front part of the bag.

Step9 Step9-1

Accessories: Preparing Other Templates and Attachment

Step 1: This is optional. It’s up to you if you’ll put these attachments or not.

Shirt Front Pocket

Step10 Step10-1

Necktie Sticker Label
Step 1: Print out another template onto the sticker paper to spice up my craft. Again, I prepared this in Photoshop.

Step 2: Cut it out and then stick them on the front part of the bag, over the necktie.

And here is the finished product: DIY Handmade Father’s Day Gift Bag.

Happy Crafting!

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