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B is for Bird – The Letter B Crafts for Kids

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The Letter B.

B is for boy.

B is for bug.

B is for bee.

B is for bird.

Teaching kids the alphabet needs a ton of patience and creativity. You can use flash cards. Sing the alphabet song. Put up an alphabet chart on your study wall. Watch teaching videos. And make your own visual aids.

All of these teaching techniques are effective one way or another. You simply have to observe which among these work best for your kids. Below, you will find instructions on creating a visual aid for the Letter B – B is for Bird. One advantage of making this visual aid for learning is that you can let your kids help you in the process.



Colored Construction Papers



Letter B Template


B is for Bird Crafts for Kids Instructions

B is for Bird Body

1.     Print the Letter B in one colored construction paper. Make it as big as possible – maybe occupying half (50%) of the entire paper area.

2.     Cut the Letter B. Make sure that you leave a gap around the printed Letter B outline.



3.     Paste the Letter B on one colored construction paper. Leave to dry.



4.     Cut the Letter B. Again, make sure that you leave a gap around the Letter B cutout.




B is for Bird Wings

5.     Get 3 sheets of colored construction paper in varying shades.


6.     Form and cut teardrop shapes. Two teardrops per colored construction paper.


7.     Paste the bird wings accordingly. Please see images below.




B is for Bird Eye

8.     Cut a circle on white paper. Then, cut a smaller circle on black construction paper. Paste the black circle onto the white circle. And then paste the joined circles on the designated eye area of the B is for Bird body.



B is for Bird Beak

9.     Cut a small triangle on orange construction paper, then paste aptly.



B is for Bird Legs and Feet

10.  Using the same orange construction paper, outline and cut the legs and feet. Thereafter, paste on the bottom most part of the B is for Bird body.


You need not follow the construction paper colors used in this B is for Bird crafts for kids. Let your imagination run wild. Mix and match.

Tip: Print the Letter B in dark and bold shade to make it stand out. Do not worry about consuming much printer ink or toner. You can always buy cheaper third party printer consumables such as a remanufactured cartridge or refill kit.

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