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Personalize Ultimate Frisbee Discs With Printable Sticker Templates!

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Do you want to play Ultimate Frisbee this summer? Ultimate Frisbee or Ultimate is an entertaining and exhilarating non-contact game that is gainingpopularly worldwide. If you haven’t tried it yet, throwing and catching a Frisbee disc is definitely a good form of cardiovascular exercise. So go shop for ultimate Frisbee discs and learn the basics by joining an ultimate Frisbee skills clinic or get affiliated with an Ultimate club.

[adsenseyu1]Of course, the trademark of the sport is the Frisbee disc used during the game. Ultimate Frisbee discs have captured the interest of collectors while teams playing in Frisbee leagues get the discs customized with their logo. If you are an occasional player or just learning the ropes to throwing and catching a Frisbee, personalizing your disc is not simply a form of self expression. Doing that is necessary to distinguish one player from the other.

So for this post, Fun with Printer Crafts features multi themed sticker templates for Frisbee Discs. The sticker designs are cool and reflect different types of personalities to match the owner of the disc. So choose one that matches your character and stick it to a solid disc with no imprint. Now you’ll be throwing and catching a Frisbee in style. The sticker designs are not only for Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts but for dog owners as well.



Disc Sticker Templates


1. Skull Image

2. Girl Power

3. Ultimate Pup

4. Pattern

5. I Love Ultimate Frisbee




  • Computer Graphix Clear Sticker Paper. This type of media loads with inkjets and laser printers. Outfitted with an adhesive backing, the letter size sticker paper weighs just like any commercially produced sticker.
  • Paper cutter or Compass cutter
  • 1 Frisbee disc – Solid with no imprint

Recommended Printer


Epson Stylus Photo 1400 InkJet. The inkjet delivers fast and radiant HD prints. Operating with a 6 color ink system, the turnout of striking, long lasting color graphics and photos is guaranteed. Color prints usually last up to 4 times longer than regular photo lab prints.

Affordable and quality compatible ink cartridges for the Stylus Photo 1400 are available at  Toner Refill Store. More prints equals more fun!


1. Save the template of choice on your hard drive.

2. Load the sticker paper into the auto sheet feeder of the Epson Printer with the printable side facing up.

3. Set aside sticker paper to dry.

4. Thereafter, cut the sticker into a 4-inch diameter circle using a paper cutter or compass cutter.

5. Peel off the backing and carefully stick it to Ultimate Frisbee discs.

Have a fun time throwing and catching a Frisbee using your personalized Frisbee disc.

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