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Make Christmas Candy Bags with DIY Printed Tags in 5 Minutes

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We are counting the days before Christmas! A few days before Christmas, ideally people are just relaxing and awaiting for the day to come. Everything else is organized and prepared. Decorations, checked. Presents, checked. Food to serve during the gathering, checked. Party clothes to wear, checked. Entertainment and games to play with family and guests, checked. Christmas candy bags for kids, checked. And all other Christmas day items and to do’s on the checklist ticked off.

In reality though, it is exactly the opposite. People are stressed out with the limited time to prepare for Christmas day. They come rushing to stores to buy presents and scuttle to supermarkets to get their groceries. And with the volume of people coming in all at the same time, traffic materializes, cashier lines becomes longer, and items and groceries come short. This then leads to crankiness and bickering, which spoils the Holiday celebration because usually a domino of undesirable occurrences tend to happen after.

Despite the unwanted happenings and terrible experiences though, the Christmas day celebration at home should still be festive. If gift items and groceries come short, rectify the situation as best as you can. And if you fail to find ready-to-buy Christmas goodie bags for kids, then go and make your own. Here is by far the simplest DIY Christmas candy bag that you can make at home.



Christmas themed candy bags* 
Candies with colored wrappers** 
Crafting Scissors
Hole Puncher
Printable colored gift tags***

*You can buy this in stores. These usually come in various designs.
**Buy candies in bulk or packs. You can purchase at least 4 kinds of candies.
***There are many printable designs available online. Simply choose the designs. Copy or save on your desktop or mobile device. And print. Just make sure that you have enough ink or toner to finish the task. For printer ink and toner needs visit Toner Refill Store website and place your order.

How to Make DIY Christmas Candy Bags
with Printed Gift Tags?

Step 1

Fill the candy bags with candies. There must be an equal number of candies per candy bags to avoid possible conflict between the kids receiving them.


Step 2

Seal the Christmas candy bags. Set aside.


Step 3

Cut the printed colored gift tags. Use crafting scissors to easily add design. A regular scissors will work though if you do not have one. No need to fuss.




Step 4

Punch a hole on the printed colored gift tags.


Step 5

Attach the printed colored gift tags on the Christmas candy bags.




That was easy, right? In 5 minutes, you were able to make presentable Christmas candy bags that you can hand out to kids during the gathering. Make them now!

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