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How To Make Your Own Customized Calendar For 2013


Here comes another year and that means another 365 days to spend and to fill with exciting events and occasion. Of course, that is another year to add on your age. Even the year started, some people already laid their plans ahead. What better way to remember and mark these important dates but to jot it down in your organizers or cross it out on the calendar. In my case, I scribble reminders about the occasion on the calendar. There is no doubt that many establishments give away free calendars for 2013. However, if you want to make your own or for your kids, here are the simple steps you could do yourself.



Things you will need:

Colored paper/cardstock
Digital photo (optional)

  1. Go to your internet browser’s search box and type in “2013 calendar templates”. Once the results come out, choose your template. Some templates have all the months of the year compressed within one page. Others have templates for each month. Select whichever design you prefer.
  2. Next, download the template/s. Resize if you must to fit the calendar in your paper.
  3. Put your colored paper on the paper tray and then hit print. Make sure that you have enough paper supplies if you wish to print one page for each month.
  4. Now that you have your calendar, all you need to do is to bind them together securely. You can choose to sew them together using a puncher and a  yarn or thread. You can also use a ring binder. Presto! Hang it on your wall and start marking down the dates.

How to Make your Own Customized Calendar Using Your Photo

  1. Open your browser and search for 2013 calendar templates. Once the results are out, choose a template of a smaller size and of solid color (preferably white). Some templates are also set to be added with photos. Choose the design you like.
  2. Download the template or simply right click your mice and select “Save Image”.
  3. Open your Word program. Click “Insert” and then “Picture”. Search the picture you want to use for the calendar and select open.
  4. Once your photo is on the page, adjust its size to fit the paper. Leave space for your calendar (about half of the paper).
  5. Next, click “Insert” and “Picture” one more time. This time, select the calendar and click “open”. Adjust it according to your preferred size and then print.
  6. Repeat the steps for the other months. After you have all the months printed, bind them altogether by sewing or using a ring binder.

Here is another printable craft you can make with your kids and family. Make your own customized calendar for 2013 using the Canon MX870. It is one of the best photo printers in the market. You can also utilize compatible ink cartridges to save on printing expenses.

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