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How to Make DIY Wedding Thank You Cards?


Fewer newlyweds send thank you cards these days. Some believe that this tradition is old-fashioned. Others simply do not bother with this wedding essential. And quite a few simply choose to say their “Thank You’s” at the end of the wedding reception program – thinking that this gesture is good enough.

The history of thank you notes goes way back. In the early Chinese and Egyptian era, the notes serve as one way of social interaction and relations. Good fortunes and pleasantries are exchanged to strengthen the bond between the sender and recipient. Today, thank you notes are considered as the finest form of expressing one’s gratitude for favors afforded. Thus, out of etiquette, newlyweds should never forget to send Thank You cards to all guests who attended the wedding celebration.

Choosing the perfect wedding Thank You card is easier nowadays. Newlyweds can opt for print shops specializing in this type of necessitate or make their own with the help of the Internet and handy printer. If you have enough money to spare and no free time, the former best suits you. But if you are tight on the budget, you should go for DIY wedding Thank You cards.


DIY Wedding Thank You Card Instructions


  • Scented Specialty Board
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Sticker Paper
  • Dress, Tie & Suit Pattern
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • Glittered Glue
  • Clear Glue or Adhesive Tape (anything you prefer)
  • Accessories



1. Prepare the Thank You card base. Use black construction. Fold crosswise, and then cut the paper by following the folded line. Set aside.

image2 image3
image4 image5

2. Next, prepare the Thank You card design.

image8 image9 image10
  • Use another black construction paper. Fold lengthwise and then crosswise. Cut the paper according to the folded lines. You should now have 4 quarter-sized construction paper. Set aside.
  • Cut out the Dress, Tie & Suit Pattern.
  • Trace the cut out Tie & Suit on a quarter-sized black construction paper. Cut the tracing and set aside. You should now have 4 pieces of cut outs – white wedding dress, white shirt, black tie, and black suit lining.
image12 image13
image14 image15
image16 image17
image18 image19
image20 image21

3. Assemble the Thank You card. Lay out the card base and paste the cut outs and accessories. Refer to the pictures below for the proper arrangement.

image24 image25
image26 image27
image28 image29
image30 image31
image32 image33

4. Attach the Thank You Note.

  • Add your thank you message on sticker paper. You may choose to print it out on the paper or have it handwritten. Just make sure that the message does not go beyond the card base size.
  • Cut the sticker paper accordingly and stick on the card base. Refer to the proper layout below.
image35 image36
image37 image38
image39 image40

5. Check the finished DIY Wedding Thank You card.


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