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Fun Printable Craft : How To Make A 3D Christmas Elf

elf cover

Chilly air, colorful lights, firework displays and gifts are some of the things we look forward to this season. Let’s not forget about the refreshing smell of a Pine tree that we fill our homes with. But we often times forget what the celebration is about and overspend on material things. This is why it is better to make your own decorations like 3D Christmas Elf that can be made using general school or office supplies. The finished product of this fun printable craft can be hanged on the tree to replace balls or ribbons on gift boxes.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Download the template provided below. Use it as a guide to simplify the fun printable craft creation process.
  2. Open the 3D Christmas Elf template using an image editor/creator tool. You can choose the most familiar software so you can effortlessly edit the image. As default, PC users can open the image with MS Paint and iPhoto for MAC. Advanced users may use more complex editors like Adobe PhotoShop, Artweaver or GIMP.
  3. Personalize the 3D Elf pattern to your liking. You can adjust the size depending on your preferences. Color it as lively as you can to suit the season. You may use them and add a few tweaks here and there.
  4. Put some paper in the input tray of your printer and print your 3D Christmas Elf design. Make sure to put as many papers as how much you are going to print. We highly recommend thicker kinds of paper like card stock or cover stock as they are more durable than generic paper.
  5. Print out your 3D Christmas Elf design.
  6. Cut out the Elf’s body and its parts off the paper using a pair of scissors. Slowly but neatly cut it to get the best results.
  7. Fold the dotted lines including the tabs on the main character piece.
  8. Fold the Elf’s legs toward you and the knees away from you.
  9. Glue tab A to the back side of the 3D Elf’s back. The body should be taking shape.
  10. Put glue on the eight small tabs (four per side) that are located on each side of the top of the Elf’s head. Then glue them to the back side of the Elf’s head. Make sure you hold each tab in place for a few seconds before you move on.
  11. Glue tab B to the back of the side of the Elf’s head.
  12. Cut out the arms. Keep each connected in the middle and fold in half. Bend the tabs toward you, tabs to each other. Once the arms are dry, put glue on the blank side of the open tabs and glue the arms to each side of the Elf.
  13. Use the same technique to cut out, fold, and glue the ear.

Fun printable crafts are one of the more affordable ways to decorate for celebrations. The finished 3D Christmas Elf can be used in various ways. It can serve as Christmas buntings if hanged in bunch, lanterns if hanged and filled with a light or a gift box decoration. In addition to that, the craft is fairly easy to make using old general school or office supplies.

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