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Free Printable Emergency Contact Form


One of the main responsibilities of parents is to ensure the safety of their children 24 hours of every day. It is innate to protect your children. But at some point, you will have to allow them to explore the world on their own. However, you can equip your kids with everything that will help prepare them for whatever circumstance that might come along their way.

Providing contact information is one security measure that you can give. Your kids can carry it around with them when they are in school or elsewhere without adult supervision. Or you can give this information to the adults who will look over your kids for a specific time period. Here is a sample form that you can use to fill the necessary details and update certain records for the entire family.

Your Printable Contact form should include:

  • Full contact information of both parents
  • Your child’s dentist and physician
  • Up to three additional contacts
  • Space for recording your family’s visitation and work schedules


1. Type and print your copy of this form. You can download our ready-made template.

2. Fill out your information. Be sure to include your cell phone and work numbers.

3. Add contact information of other adults in your child’s life including relatives living nearby and close neighbors with whom you could trust to care for your child in case of an emergency.

4. Make as many copies as needed.

5. Save an extra copy that you can post on your refrigerator so your children and babysitters can easily access the information.

6. Give copies to people who will most likely take responsibility when the need arises.

7. Update the form and distribute new copies every time your contact information changes such as a new cell phone number and a new job.

It is very important to have a copy of this form because your preparedness will reap its fruit during an emergency. Even if you are typically with your kids 24/7, you should distribute up-to-date copies of this emergency contact form to anyone who would potentially care for your kids if you are ill or out of town.

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