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DIY Printable Height Chart

Height Chart

As we all know height charts are used to measure the rapid growth of a person particularly of a child. It is a basic tool for parents wanting to keep an update on their child’s progress including diminutive particulars.
Height charts are widely available and very affordable. However, it would be more meaningful if parents can make their own. A DIY personalized height chart can be made at home with the kids and serve as a family bonding activity. The finished project will be appreciated more because it can include special touches that will highlight ones preference and personality.

Step 1: Gather all the materials needed. Basically, you need to secure:

  • 1x8x6 Whitewood board
  • Printed numbers
  • Tape measure
  • Paint (water colors, crayons, color markers)
  • Paint brush (if you prefer to use a paint)
  • Fine tipped-brush

Step 2: Make a whitewash. Brush a very light coat of white paint on the board to make it more visible.

Step 3: Using a ruler or tape measure, measure out your tick marks. Make one with an inch and mark them with a pencil.

Step 4: Paint over the pencil tick marks.

Step 5: Prepare the printouts of the numbers. Now you have to put the numbers depending on what’s the maximum height you prefer to measure. Let’s say we’ll have a 7 ft Height chart so need to put numbers from 1 to 7.

Step 6: To do that you have to cut out the printed numbers from 1-7. And paste in on the marks you made.

Step 7: To put some creativity, you can add designs using the fine tipped brush around the numbers.

Step 8: Let the paint dry.

Step 9: And there you go. Hang in your pretty piece of art!

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