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DIY Christmas Baubles – Easy Christmas Tree Ornament in 8 Steps


Christmas tree decoration is different in every household. You may find similar pieces then and now but the position and how these are use as a decorative ornament will surely differ. This is entirely expected because the preferences of the members of a household vary.

Common Christmas tree decorations in homes include those readily available in stores or ready-made items sold online. This is a convenient way of decorating your house because you simply have to purchase what you like and hang on your tree. However, you will need to bear the expensive pricing. In comes the option to use homemade or do-it-yourself decorations. It is a practical solution for Christmas decorating because you simply have to look for a DIY décor online, read the instructional guide (or watch its step-by-step instructional video), gather the materials, and follow the guide. Here is one Christmas tree ornament that you might be interested in to make during your time off.


Tools and Materials

Ribbon or string
Any circular object*
Printable Christmas themed paper ornament**

**1. Look for 2 Christmas themed printable paper designs online.
**2. Save on your desktop or mobile device.
**3. Print paper designs on the front and back sides of the paper. Do make sure that your printer ink or toner is enough to complete the printing task. Replace or refill the printer cartridges when necessary. If you are out of printer consumables and supplies, visit Toner Refill Store and make a purchase.

*This will dictate the size of your bauble. Any size will do as long as you are able to trace atleast 6 circles per printed paper.

How to Make Your Own Christmas Bauble?

1)      Lay out the printed Christmas themed paper designs.



2)      Trace circles on printed paper. It is best to have a uniformed distance between circles to use up much paper.



3)      Cut the circles, and then lay out on a surface. The number of circles made from the first design must be equal to the number of circles from the second design.


4)      Arrange the circles in intervals – first design followed by the second design, and so on. Then, combine all circles and hold.


5)      Fold the combined circles. Following the folded line, secure the paper circles using stapler.




6)      Glue the paper circles accordingly. See images for the proper way to stick the paper circles together. Set aside to dry afterwards.


7)      Open the bauble. It should look like this, please see image.



8)      Add a ribbon or string and then hang.


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