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Holidays and Celebrations

Holidays and Celebrations

5-Step DIY Egg Carton Flowers for Mother’s Day


Flowers (potted or fresh) are one of the most common gifts on Mother’s Day. There are varying accounts and insights as to why the giving of flowers has become a tradition. And although that is important, it is still better to focus on the here and now. So, if you want to give flowers this Mother’s Day but want to add a twist to it; or if you are a mother who wants to do something memorable on your day with your kids, then this Mother’s Day Craft for Kids is for you. Continue Reading

Holidays and Celebrations

7-Step Valentine’s Day DIY Love Bracelet


It’s the Love Month once again! And the romantic vibe is teeming everywhere – in shops, restaurants, bookstores, television, movies, and social media posts. While it is tempting to buy gifts, nothing beats a do-it-yourself token of love. Here is a crafty accessory that you can create with your kids today and hand out to family, friends, and lovers tomorrow – the DIY Love Bracelet. Continue Reading

Holidays and Celebrations

Easy 3-Step DIY Christmas Popsicle Stick Markers


Yuletide season is the best season to do DIY arts and crafts. A huge variety of unique Christmas decors and ornaments can be seen practically everywhere. Creative ideas are endless from Christmas tree decors to Christmas lights. Of course, we have come up with yet another fun and easy craft for you this holiday season. DIY Christmas popsicle sticks markers is an easy craft that challenges you to be more creative. Here’s how: Continue Reading

Holidays and Celebrations

5-Step Star Spangled Wreath for Veterans Day


Veterans Day is a public holiday in the United States observed every November 11th. It is a commemoration in honor of the military veterans who served the United States Army. While many activities can be done with the family, the best way to enjoy this holiday is to make it simple and personal like creating DIY crafts with your kids. Here is a simple Veterans Day craft – Star Spangled Wreath. Continue Reading

Holidays and Celebrations

5-Step DIY Halloween Paper Clip – Jack o Lantern Design


It’s Halloween season once again! While trick or treat is the main event for kids, it is not entirely the only thing that invades their minds and influence their activities during this time. Pay attention. Most likely, kids are busy doing stuff related with popular Halloween characters – ghost, witch, vampire, and jack o lantern to name a few. Take advantage over this opportunity to make a craft that kids will enjoy. Double the fun by turning simple school and office supplies into Halloween crafts. Clip papers and pictures with your kids’ favorite characters. Try clipping with a flair using a DIY Halloween paper clip. Continue Reading

Holidays and Celebrations

Patriot Day Crepe Paper Crafts Step by Step

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Patriot Day in the United States is observed on September 11 of each year in remembrance to the 2,977 casualties of the 2001 September 11 attack. While the government and other institutions setup memorials, families can do their personal homage. Parents can come up with activities for the kids that will teach them the significance of the day, an easy craft project perhaps? Here is one step by step project – Patriot Day Crepe Paper Crafts. Continue Reading

Holidays and Celebrations

Independence Day Paper Cone Wreath with a Twist

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The wreath is a popular décor that is widely recognized as a Christmas Holiday adornment. But for years now, people started to put up wreaths on various occasions or festivities including Easter, Spring season, Halloween, and Independence Day. While older people get to enjoy the grandeur that a wreath brings inside homes, kids do not share the same sentiment. They are curious little folks that would rather hold and play with adornments. It is for this reason that this DIY Paper Cone Wreath with a TWIST will fit homes with kids. Continue Reading