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DIY Project Ideas

DIY Project Ideas

DIY Police Gear Teaching Aid for Kids


Does your kid dream of becoming a police? Well, this is the best time to teach a thing or two about this profession. Prepare a simple list of responsibilities and fun facts. Research online articles which feature police activities and reports. And make your own Police gear teaching aid to pinpoint work-related accessories.

5-Step Police Gear Teaching Aid


Tools and Materials:

4 cardboards in different colors

Crafting scissors



Police gear printed on sticker paper

Steps to DIY Police Gear Teaching Aid:

Step 1: Prepare the Base. Estimate the cardboard size as needed and cut with crafting scissors. Ensure that all 4 cardboard colors cut are almost the same in size and shape.



Step 2: Ready the printable Police gear teaching aid. Cut the gears accordingly. Please see image.



Step 3: Punch holes in the upper and lower parts of each cut cardboard. Then, insert the ribbonette on the holes. Please refer to the image.



Step 4: Stick the gears on each cardboard. Plan the positioning of the gears depending on how you are going to share it with your kid.

Step 5: Hang the DIY Police Gear Teaching Aid.

Finished Product2

Be careful what you teach your kids. Ensure that everything is child-friendly; double check your facts, online articles, and visual aids.


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DIY Project Ideas

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DIY Project Ideas

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Finished Product

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DIY Project Ideas

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