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Easy 3-Step DIY Christmas Popsicle Stick Markers


Yuletide season is the best season to do DIY arts and crafts. A huge variety of unique Christmas decors and ornaments can be seen practically everywhere. Creative ideas are endless from Christmas tree decors to Christmas lights. Of course, we have come up with yet another fun and easy craft for you this holiday season. DIY Christmas popsicle sticks markers is an easy craft that challenges you to be more creative. Here’s how: Continue Reading

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How to Make a Valentine’s Day Stationery Using Word Document 2013

Love letter on wooden background

Spill romance in the air this month of LOVE with love letters!

Technology may have upped the ways of courtship and wooing but nothing beats love letters in directing Cupid’s arrow to hit the right spot. A personal and meaningful message written on a do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day stationery is the most effective way to hit the jackpot. So go and set your Canon Pixma iP100 ready and Word Document 2013 application. Lets get this printable craft over with.

Tools and Materials you will need:
– Plain paper
– Canon PIXMA iP100 Printer equipped with enough toner to complete the task.
Should you need toner supplies, Visit Toner Refill Store.

4-Step Valentine’s Day Stationery

#1 Open Word Document 2013 program on your computer.

#2 Make a faint background on your document.

  • Click on “DESIGN” from the menu bar to open new tabs.
  • On the far right corner of the page, click “WATERMARK” icon to open dropdown. Select “Custom Watermark” at the bottom.
  • Once the new window appears, click on text watermark or picture watermark as your faint background.
    For Picture Watermarks: Click on “Picture watermark”. Then, “select picture” tab. Choose the desired image and click “INSERT”. Adjust settings (size and washout). And then, click “APPLY”. Images are available on the web, built in Microsoft clip arts and files, and your personal photos.
    For Text Watermarks: Click on “TEXT WATERMARK”. Write your custom message on the “TEXT” box. Adjust settings as desired (color, font, language, and position). Once done, click “APPLY”.The picture or text chosen will appear as a faint background on the page. Of course, make sure that it is Valentine’s Day related.

#3 Add borders on your document. (optional)

  • Click “PAGE BORDERS” icon on the top right side of the page.
  • Once a new window appears, click on the “ART” tab to open dropdown.
  • Browse the borders selection and choose the setting desired.
  • Click “OK” button.
    You may choose to add more designs on your Valentine’s Day stationery. Common additions include customizing page color and inserting clips, arts, and texts.

#4 Print your document.

  • Click “PRINT”.
  • Adjust size and select the number of copies to be printed.
  • Click “OK”.

You’re all set this Valentine’s Day. Spread the LOVE.

Season Crafts

How to Make Paper Thanksgiving Turkey in 4 Easy Steps?

Finished Product

Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of giving thanks for the bountiful harvest. The traditions may have changed and evolved through time, but the significance remains. Modern Thanksgiving celebration is a gathering of families, sharing food and merriment. While the older folks are busy preparing food for the feast and decorating the area, kids are working to out win each other. Usually, the source of competition is the holiday-themed artwork brought home from school or made at home for leisure like the paper Thanksgiving turkey.

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Last Minute Easy DIY Halloween Candy Packs

Step 9.1

We don’t have the luxury of time. Most of us are busy with work, school, family, and errands. Hence, it is understandable that we do not have much time to prepare for parties or seasonal particulars. But for parents, specifically mothers with young children, there is no such thing as being too busy. They need to go out of their way to make every season special and memorable for their kids. Continue Reading

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United Nation’s Day (October 24, 2015)


United Nations Day is celebrated every year all over the world. It is a festivity that enjoins all nations to work together for peace and development, guided by the principles of justice, human dignity and the well-being of each citizen. With this in mind, I came up with a do-it-yourself decoration that will match the celebration. This embellishment will surely add vibrancy to the occasion. I’m quite certain that every UN day organizer will be eager to learn about this.

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DIY Project Ideas

Back-to-School Project – How to Make a Pencil Name Tag?

Finished Products



What name will I put on my name tag? This was the dilemma I faced every time the school year starts – the early school years to be more specific. Must I put in my given name? Shall I write my nickname instead? Can I choose a different name? Perhaps I can go for a cooler name? Meager questions like these cloud my mind with every start of the back-to-school year. Needless to say, I always end up putting my given name.

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